Oh yeah, I forgot I’m starting a diet today.

Y’all, fuck diets for real.

But I’m gonna be in a wedding in a few months and it’s basically a damn high school reunion.

*cue flooding insecurities*


I’m sort of excited about it because it’s something that I know will make me feel better about my body, but dieting/lifestyle changing what the hell you like to eat sucks hard.

If you meet someone that you are interested in, why would you continue going about searching for other people?

Like, I’m not going to start a conversation with someone just to leave a couple seconds later and start the exact conversation with 10 other people around me and circle back to keep it going with all these different fucking people.

I don’t even know what I’m trying to get at but I was just thinking about this.

I want to meet someone wants to put time and effort into getting to know me (and I, them) and not split their energy between a shit ton of people because they want to be entertained.

I’m just feeling so incredibly frustrated and I want to meet someone and I want to be in a relationship.

Objectively, I know that a relationship is probably not what I need right now, but I want it. I want to spoil someone and be sweet to someone. I want to have someone to call when something exciting happens or just to listen to someone tell me about their boring day.

I’m so tired of these ain’t shit dudes I know blowing smoke up my ass. I’m not having it and yet here they are.

God damn.

I want to be in awe by someone. I want to be with someone who blows me away. I want to be with a person that makes me feel lucky to know them. And I want to be that person for them.

I’m ovulating.

Reblog if you dont have a bra on.

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Every girl needs a good spanking…

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Every girl needs a good spanking…

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Fun facts about your sign here

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Fun facts about your sign here

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I want to _____ you

reblog and see what your followers say

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I know you’ve probably not thought of me at all, but i’m sorry for not talking to you. I just assume that you would get ahold of me if you wanted to talk, so i just don’t bother you. I hope stuffs going well.

I really want a wittle pit baby girl.


That’s what I’m gonna get us for Christmas.

Gonna name her Rita.

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fell in love with a lightskint dude with dreads at work today


let us pray


thou shall not checketh for a nigga tht ain’t checking for thee

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I get off at 7PM if any of you are free to fall in love this evening. I thought we could discuss what kind of dog we’d like to get and where we’d like to move.

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